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Ashley Young tells Louis van Gaal: I can play as a striker for Manchester United

Manchester United winger Ashley Young as told his manager and the press that he can play as a striker against PSV if necessary.

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Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

In the Guardian, Ashley Young as said that he's willing to play as a striker for Manchester United. Honestly, it can't be worse than either Marouane Fellaini or Wayne Rooney, but all three of them could be outperformed by a bag of sand on wheels if you gave it the number nine shirt. He said this ahead of the PSV match, so at least it's nice to see someone want to play for United.

Feckless wastrel Angel Di Maria said he had problems with Louis van Gaal's management. Given that Van Gaal has fallen out with most of the Spanish lads, and bored everyone else to tears with his training methods, this is one of those situations where you don't have to choose a side, you can just be tired of everyone involved. That's in the Mirror.

There's some quotes from Van Gaal in the Telegraph where he says he doesn't know if United are good enough for Europe. Yes he does, and so do we. It doesn't mean he can't improve on last year's general performance level, though, and United should benefit from the increased frequency of competitive matches.

In capitalism news: a) Manchester United are now the fifth most valuable sports brand in the world according to a story in the Daily Mail and b) capitalism must be overthrown to free us all from the tyranny of work.

Lastly, Andy Mitten has written about Manchester United and the Liverpool and PSV games, so read that here.