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PSV Eindhoven 2-1 Manchester United: player ratings

Manchester United started their European season with a profoundly unfortunate game against PSV Eindhoven. But who was good and who was bad? This way to find out.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Last night, Manchester United began their Champions League campaign with a pretty decent performance. They also lost, and their best player this season had his leg broken in two places. So, a mixed evening. Here are the scores.

David de Gea: 6

Couldn't do much with either goal, and didn't have much to do otherwise. Has now conceded as many goals in two games than Sergio Romero did in six. Football's a strange game.

Luke Shaw: an endless river of woe

Poor lad.

Daley Blind: 5

Probably shouldn't take too much blame for the first goal, since it was an instinctive nod at the ball. But his excellent season so far has come at centre half, where he's been able to compensate for his lack of pace and strength with his game intelligence. Out at fullback, his relative slowness can be exposed in both directions, and once he shifted, United lost snap in their attacking and security in defence. We can assume, perhaps, that moving out there wasn't his idea.

Chris Smalling: 7

Strong and assured in defence, and almost scored what would have been a completely inexplicable, completely brilliant goal. Blameless for both concessions.

Matteo Darmian: 5

Probably should have done better for the goal, on the basis that if you're risking a penalty by grabbing a fistful of shirt, you should make damn sure you're doing so for a reason. Otherwise tidy in defence, though didn't get forward much.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: 7

Very good at football, and would have set up the equaliser with a beautiful chipped return pass had Juan Mata's touch not mysteriously deserted him. Very obviously knackered come the late stages of the game, when Fellaini's introduction left him with more space to cover, and might be in need of a rest the weekend.

Ander Herrera: 6

While he didn't have his most exciting game, there were moments to suggest that it might be worth persisting with a midfield pairing of him plus one of the 'Sch-'s. Made some encouraging runs from deeper positions, though couldn't manufacture many opportunities to get a shot away.

Memphis Depay: 8

United's best player, which was pleasing to see; clearly his well-deserved substitution at the weekend hasn't left him feeling too downhearted. Took his goal with an almost disgusting level of self-assurance and was a constant threat from either flank.

Juan Mata: 5

An odd game. On the one hand, having him at No. 10 with pace either side gave United's possession a little more edge. On the other, United once again failed to turn weight of possession into weight of chances, he never really imposed himself, and he fluffed United's best chance of an equaliser with an uncharacteristically unSpanish touch.

Ashley Young: 7

Made a decent argument for a permanent first-team spot, offering pace and penetrative running from either flank. But it's something of a shame that we didn't get to see him trying to be a striker. Could have used a chuckle.

Anthony Martial: 6

Against a fairly deep defence PSV defence he didn't get much opportunity to run with the ball at his feet, and shooting opportunities were scarce. But he was diligent and strong with his back to goal and he held the ball up well. Encouraging moments of link-up play with Memphis.

Marcos Rojo (on for Shaw, 24'): 5

Willing but rusty, a condition exacerbated by the peculiar decision to put him in the middle and move Blind out to leftback. Not only did that disrupt the established partnership, but it also left United exposed, as demonstrated by the second goal. There's Luciano Narsingh, all on his own; there's Rojo, lost under the cross; there's Blind, three yards behind him.

Marouane Fellaini (on for Herrera, 75'): 4

According to reports, Fellaini didn't start after a slight illness. According to his performance, those reports were accurate. Bit odd that United didn't lump that last minute freekick at his head, though. If he's there, you might as well use him.

Antonio Valencia (on for Young, 86'): [null]

It's at moments like this that United's thin squad becomes a problem. One injury to a striker and suddenly a reserve rightback (who used to be a winger (but is now a right back (but isn't really a right back))) has to come on and try and change the game. He couldn't.

The Busby Babe would like to cordially remind you that taking marks out of ten too seriously can prove deleterious to your health.