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Spain boss tells De Gea he must play for Manchester United

Vicente del Bosque, manager of the Spanish national team, has issued a warning to Manchester United's goalkeeper.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

David de Gea stays, and the next question is: does he play? You'd hope that the answer is yes, given the state of Sergio Romero, and you'd hope that Louis van Gaal knows that. Surely Louis van Gaal knows that.

Really, the only obstacle to De Gea reclaiming his place as United's no.1 is De Gea himself, and whether he can get himself focused and motivated enough. So it's nice to see some extra motivation arrive this morning in the moustachioed shape of Vicente del Bosque, manager of the Spanish national team. There's a Euros a-coming, and according to ITV, Del Bosque wants De Gea playing football:

He needs to be professional and move on from this episode. I hope that he starts playing again and is happy, and if he plays well we can bring him along, otherwise if he doesn't play it will be very difficult for him to come [to the Euros].

"He also needs to sign a massive new contract and stay at Old Trafford forever," he didn't add.