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Paul Pogba's agent criticises Alex Ferguson over choice of agents at Manchester United

Paul Pogba's agent Mino Raiola has criticised ex-Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson for favouring certain agents when it came to signing players, instead of making decisions based on ability.

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Keylor Navas said he cried when he realised he would be staying at Real Madrid, and he never wanted to leave the club. That's brilliant, sounds like exactly the kind of Real Madrid player from South America that we desperately need to buy again. Can't wait 'til next season! That's in the Guardian.

Mino Raiola, hardly the man you'd go to for the truth, might have accidentally got to the heart of Alex Ferguson's later years at United. He claims, with quotes in the Telegraph, that Ferguson didn't choose players on ability, but because of their agents. How on Earth dare he make such a claim about Bebe's signing. There's no way that this could possibly be true. Ferguson is a man of principle; it's not like he's obsessed with lining his pockets.

Anthony Martial has said that he won't get carried away with his Manchester United success so far. Which is exactly what you'd expect a young player to say early in his career at Old Trafford. But he does look quite special at the moment, so let's hope he's the next coming of Eric Cantona, mixed with Lionel Messi (with no racism and tax fraud) and Cristiano Ronaldo. That's in the Mirror.

Lastly, there's a review of Alex Ferguson's new book on ESPNFC. I'm writing one at the moment, and you have probably predicted it is less generous to him.