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Alex Ferguson: "De Gea can win Manchester United the league"

Talking to an audience in Manchester, Ferguson was full of praise for Manchester United's goalkeeper.

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Alex Ferguson, as you may have heard, has a new book out. We're hoping to have something up on it soonish, but in the mean time, the man himself has been talking to the BBC in front of a live audience in Manchester. We weren't there, but the Manchester Evening News were, and they were paying attention.

On the current squad, Ferguson had praise for David de Gea, claiming he was good enough to "win United the league," and also newboy Anthony Martial, whose "never panicked when through on goal". He also insisted that David Moyes had "deserved" a shot at the job and said it was a "shame it didn't work out."

Asked about what he missed most, he went all wistful:

I miss the people ... the buzz. The consolation is as an ambassador and director I can still watch the team.

Oddly, the MEN haven't included any quotes about his shameful and self-centred capitulation to the Glazers, and the contempt he demonstrated towards ordinary United fans in the process. Strange. Almost like there weren't any questions about it. But surely that can't be right.

For those of you hungry for more book coverage, our own Alexander Netherton has written about it over on Eurosport. And for those of you in the UK, it looks like Ferguson will be on Football Focus at 12:10. Whether that's this interview, we're not sure.