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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to be reunited with Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, United identify Luke Shaw replacement

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he would like to play with Manchester United's Wayne Rooney again, and United have identified a surprise candidate to replace the injured Luke Shaw.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

In the Mail, Cristiano Ronaldo has speculated that he and Wayne Rooney could become teammates again. Now, Ronaldo is evidently drifting towards the exit at Real Madrid - he's managed by Rafael Benitez, and his body is slowing down, and he fancies a new challenge, if you believe the correct newspaper stories. However, that's more likely to mean a move, not back to England, but France, Italy or America. Only America would be able to afford Rooney's salary given his current level of performance, so perhaps it'll be a couple of years before the two meet up again, this time in LA.

According to the Mirror, Manchester United have identified a replacement for Luke Shaw, and it's a surprising one. Morgan Fox, a 22-year-old Charlton defender, is the latest name to be mentioned alongside Aaron Cresswell and Leeds United's Charlie Taylor. If United really are worried about Shaw's long-term fitness, Cresswell would be more likely than the other two, who would be far cheaper.

And lastly, in the Manchester Evening News, Louis van Gaal has said it is 'difficult' to stay top of the league, but his team are capable of beating anyone. That's certainly true of the Premier League, when even last season United could beat Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool, and managed a draw at home to a much more dangerous Chelsea, but that was never the problem. United struggle for consistency, and there's no guarantee they have that yet, though admittedly things are looking up with Memphis and Anthony Martial being able to play with pace.