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Manchester United goalkeeper Victor Valdes linked with Liverpool move

Manchester United goalkeeper Victor Valdes has been linked with a move to Liverpool after being frozen out at Old Trafford by Louis van Gaal.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has said that his side have improved because the balance of the squad has been ameliorated. In part, he puts that down to selling 20 or 25 players, and with the transfers in he has made, that has helped him rotate more in the season. Anyway, that's what he says, and that's in the Mirror.

The Sun has a paywall, but the Express has paid the cash to get past the paywall, and in this wonderful land of rumour and news, it has found an article saying that Victor Valdes - close to joining Liverpool last season - could finally make the move to Merseyside this winter. Lucky boy.

The Daily Mail has a story from Morgan Schneiderlin, saying that Van Gaal is a very strict coach. Well, yes.

Wayne Rooney has described Anthony Martial's start to his time at United as 'incredible.' Yes, Wayne, pretty much anybody who can get you to score in the Premier League is undoubtedly incredible. Still, let's see if either of them can sustain their new-found form into the rest of the season - the title is there if they can beat the dross. That's on ESPNFC.

And Andi Thomas has his match ratings from the game on Saturday - that's here.