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Real Madrid may never buy David de Gea from Manchester United

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has shown his failure again by refusing to commit to buying David de Gea in future from Manchester United.

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Manchester United have included Victor Valdes in the Premier League squad, though he has been excluded from the Champions League allocation. Valdes and Louis van Gaal have a history of disagreements and reconciliation, so there's no surprise if that's what has happened in the last couple of days. Anyway, Valdes seems like an alright bloke, if we judge him purely by his social media work. Here's confirmation of the story, in the Manchester Evening News.

Rubbish football director and incompetent buffoon Florentino Perez went on the radio last night to explain that he doesn't understand the concept of how to buy players, or time itself. He's annoyed because he only had 12 hours to buy David de Gea, despite having not made a bit for three months. Anyway, United might well have messed Real Madrid over at the last minute, but so what? United didn't want to sell De Gea, and Real did want to buy him. Ha!

Perez also refused to commit to signing De Gea in future, which is one to keep an eye on. Look at the story in the Mirror.

In James Wilson news, the striker scored last night against the US Under-23 side, scoring for the England Under-21 side. There's an excellent chance of more time on the pitch for this season for Wilson, and it's probably his second to last chance to make his breakthrough at United. Here's the details, in the Telegraph.