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Nick Powell returns to Manchester United training, Anthony Martial to start for France

After knee surgery, Nick Powell has returned to training with Manchester United, and Anthony Martial will start for France in their friendly against Serbia.

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Clive Mason/Getty Images

Relatively good news for Manchester United's thin squad: Nick Powell has returned to training after knee surgery. He hasn't played for United in a year, and was last seen being sent back from loan by Leicester City. He's got one last season to make an impression before you can expect to see him featuring for QPR in the 2016/17 Championship. You can read the details in the Manchester Evening News.

Anthony Martial is expected to start for France when they play Serbia in a friendly tomorrow. Given that it's just a friendly, it's not quite as exciting as it might have been, but it shows that United have bought someone with talent that someone else, at least, recognises too. You can have a look at the Mail for that.

In the Telegraph, there's some praise for Rooney for all he has achieved throughout his career. He certainly deserves it, because if he breaks both the England and United record - perhaps not this year, probably next - then he'll have done something remarkable. You can read that here.

Ralph Milne, the former Manchester United winger, has died at 54. He struggled with alcoholism for much of his life, and it seems he wasn't able to escape it. You can read about this in the Guardian.

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