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Manchester United ready to pay £90 million for Gareth Bale

Manchester United have lined up a £90 million bid for Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The Mirror has a story that Manchester United have identified Mauricio Pochettino as a possible replacement for Louis van Gaal, who has been managing terribly for half a season. Pochettino would almost certainly be a superior manager, but it's hard to tell how he'd do with the step up in quality (you'd hope, at least), and the increased attention.

After the match, Paul Scholes laid into Van Gaal and boring United, which means that Alex Ferguson must either believe Jose Mourinho has no chance of getting the job soon, or that he can't influence what is going to happen anymore. That's in the Manchester Evening News.

Bastian Schweinsteiger might miss the match against Newcastle in the week, after clattering his foot into a Sheffield United player late in the match. He was OK to continue, but with other options available, and Liverpool coming next weekend, it's possibly worth letting him miss the next match. You can read the update in the Mail.

As is the United way, they are - or were - haggling over a player that they could definitely afford. They did it over Arjen Robben, Pedro, and Ronaldinho, and now it seems that Felipe Anderson is subject to similar antics. You can read about that on ESPNFC.

Lastly, in the Sunday Times, Manchester United are willing to pay £90 million for Gareth Bale. This is true, and it could happen in the summer, certainly.