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Manchester United continue to drift into obscurity

Monday's news suggests that nothing good will ever happen to Manchester United or its fans.

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Possibly the worst article of the weekend is this one in the Telegraph. A disingenuous and incorrect defence of Louis van Gaal's tedious victory over Sheffield United in the FA Cup. As if endless, boring, pointless passing was the best way to approach any football match, ever.

The transfer nonsense continues with another reference to Manchester United's interest in a £90 million bid for Gareth Bale this summer, with the expectation that he'll be happy under Zinedine Zidane at least until the end of the season. That's in the Mirror.

On ESPNFC, you can see a United fan fall asleep during Saturday evening's match.

In the Daily Mail, Matteo Darmian acknowledged that United have been struggling, but claims that they are improving. Well, two wins in their last three matches, and no defeats. It's technically true, even if it's awful.

In the Manchester Evening News, another example of Van Gaal's famous man management, this time regarding Victor Valdes, who he has written out of history.