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We speak to a Newcastle fan about the game against Manchester United

We spoke to Newcastle fan and journalist Kristan Heneage about the Manchester United - Newcastle Premier League game tonight.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

A few months ago you were seeing some slight improvement under Steve McClaren, whereas I thought it was hopeless - how do you see things going at Newcastle?

Well if it follows the pattern of recent weeks, they'll play well, create chances, but fail to score. It's a consequence of low confidence, and a group still adjusting to their new manager. The team is bursting with potential, but as we often hear in football the game is about fine margins. I'm an optimist so I think once they break the duck of recent weeks, (which started against Aston Villa) then they'll start to build some good form.

Daryl Janmaat and Ayoze Perez have both been linked with Manchester United over the last few months, do you think either has the ability to improve United?

I'd say with Daryl Janmaat it's 50-50. The guy clearly has talent, and at times he's a good attacking outlet. The concern with him remains his defensive quality. Sometimes his marking is poor and he's been at fault for some of the goals conceded this season. That may change or be negated if he plays in a better side with better players.

Ayoze Perez definitely could. When he joined Newcastle there were stories circulating that claimed he'd spurned Real Madrid and Barcelona. It was a fun headline, but you sensed it was sensationalist. Having watched him now I start to see why. He has this amazing ability to wriggle out of tight spaces and I'd hate to be a defender against him. He weaves like Ryan Giggs used to, albeit at a much slower speed. He has a lot to learn, but his attitude is great.

If I was picking one to join it would be Perez.

Do you think Newcastle can survive the relegation battle this season?

Yes. Last season they were truly inept from this point on. They won just a few games, and the manager was just an over eager coach. They're addressing the squad deficiencies now, and while you would have preferred them to do it in the summer it is at least getting done. I'm convinced there's enough potential in that side to finish up 12-15th.

Would you buy Wayne Rooney from us?



Have you tried Everton or Steve Bruce?

What do you think the score will be tonight?

I think Man United will win 1-0.

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