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How should Manchester United line up against Liverpool?

Which formation, tactics and players should Manchester United use in their Premier League match against Liverpool?

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Carrick and Schweinsteiger are injured.

A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of Marouane Fellaini. All the powers of the old Busby Babe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Netherton and Thomas, Sargeant and Maximin, Commenters and Tweeters.

Where is the Belgian midfielder that has not been decried as an absolute galloot by its opponents on the internet? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of Fellaini, against the more advanced midfielders, as well as against its reactionary tactical thinkers?

Two things result from this fact:

I. Fellaini is already acknowledged by all European football writers to be itself a power.

II. It is high time that  Fellaini should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish his views, his defence, his tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Fellaini with a manifesto of the player himself.

The Busby Babe prediction

Substitutes: Romero, McNair, Borthwick-Jackson, Pereira, Mata, Memphis, Januzaj