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Manchester United linked with Real Madrid's James Rodriguez £60 million bid

Manchester United have been linked with a transfer for Real Madrid forward James Rodriguez.

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

In the Mirror's transfer round-up, Manchester United have been linked with James Rodriguez, another slightly slow, technically adept attacker. Yep. Need more of them. However, if it's part of a plan to cut Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney out and get another, faster player in, then they have my permission.

The Daily Mail have quotes from Louis van Gaal, who says that just as Manchester United enter a Liverpool-style title drought, that Manchester United will not endure a Liverpool-style title drought.

Nothing to do with United, but in the Telegraph there's a story about Siem de Jong almost losing an eye. Just read about all the ridiculous injuries that man has had.

The excellent Tony Evans, on ESPNFC, has written about the United-Liverpool rivalry, and it is well worth your time.

In the Manchester Evening News, the absolute state of United's commercial department. Dignity, always dignity. Time to pack it all in.