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Read leaked details of Anthony Martial's Manchester United move

A document purporting to reveal the specifics of Anthony Martial's transfer to Manchester United has been posted online.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

A document claiming to reveal the intricate details of Anthony Martial's summer transfer from Monaco to Manchester United has been posted online, first at a mysterious 'whistleblowing' blog Football Leaks. It's obviously impossible for us to verify the document, though (semi-?)reputable websites, including Deadspin and the Mirror appear to be taking it at face value. Indeed, the former are able to shed some light on the source:

Football Leaks, which was started in September, has gotten their hands on and published a truly astonishing number of confidential soccer contracts, mostly from teams in Portugal's Primeira Liga. In a December interview with the New York Times, one of the people behind Football Leaks said, "secrecy about contracts and secret clauses is killing this sport," and vowed to drag the sport's shady dealings into the light.

There certainly seems to be a strong possibility it's legit. The full document is embedded below, though the most interesting details are as follows: the full transfer fee was €50 million paid in two instalments; the first was made immediately, the second will follow this July. Monaco have also included bonuses in the deal, with United having to shell out a further €10 million when Martial scores his 25th goal for United, when he makes 25 appearances for France, and when he's nominated for the Ballon d'Or.

Suffice to say, things could get pretty pricey; though if Martial ends up getting Ballon d'Or nominations, he'll probably have been worth every penny.