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Manchester United linked with Antoine Griezmann as Jose Mourinho plans for title win

Manchester United want Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid while Jose Mourinho is planning to win the Premier League with them next year.

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

David Gill, the man who happily worked for years with the Glazers, is now complaining about the mediocre football that the Glazers brought about with their years of atrophy. Those of us who pointed out that regular investment was needed under Alex Ferguson are feeling pretty smug right now, even if we were already pretty smug. You can read his quotes in the Telegraph.

In the Mirror, there are quotes from Louis van Gaal, who has said he has underperformed in regards to United fans' expectations, and he seems fairly disheartened. He still hasn't resigned yet, obviously, so sympathy is limited for the buffoon.

A Manchester United player has successfully reproduced, says ESPNFC.

The Daily Mail thinks that Jose Mourinho is desperate for the United job and thinks he could win the league next season. Never mind next season, give him forty million quid for transfers and the job now, and they'd walk this year's too.

And in the Manchester Evening News transfer round-up, Antoine Griezmann has been linked with a move to United. There's no point buying anyone until Van Gaal lives. Who cares?