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Is this Manchester United's next home kit?

Manchester United's home kit for the 2016-17 season has reportedly been leaked online.

It may only be January, but lucky you can already start thinking about being fleeced by Adidas next Christmas. That's because their 2016-17 Manchester United home kit has apparently been leaked online, courtesy of We've no idea about the reliability of this site, but if anyone else knows their track record, feel free to drop a comment below.

As ever, we're sure some people will like the kit and others will dislike it, so offering any form of subjective analysis seems rather futile. However, we do have to somehow find a way to squeeze a few more words from this article, so here's what FootyHeadlines have had to say about the design:

Inspired by the green and yellow shirts worn by its predecessor club Newton Heath, the Manchester United 2016-17 home jersey sports a half-and-half design in two shades of red. This style is continued onto the sleeves, while the front halves are connected through a hexagon detail, which also appears in other parts of the shirt and the rest of Manchester United's 16-17 Adidas collection.

That'll do.