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Louis van Gaal dismisses "awful and horrible" resignation stories

Manchester United's manager is adamant that he did not offer to step down, and insists he has the support of the club.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Louis van Gaal is not a happy man at the moment. Not only are his football team playing some pretty miserable football, but the media keep reporting that he's attempting to resign. Not so! At least, that's what he's told the press today. Via the Mirror.

I think I don't have mentioned that ever. You make your own stories. Then I have to answer. I am not doing that. It is awful and horrible but you can write. It is the third time I am sacked and I am still sitting here. I am obliged to do that [attend press conferences]. A lot of people ask in a disrespectful way. I have always faith. When you lose it is worse. I predicted before Southampton. Now I cannot lose any more because then for the fourth time I have been sacked.

Though, to be fair, he's not about to pretend that everything's going well.

Then it might be the truth.

He has, however, praised and thanked Ed Woodward and the rest of the board for his faith in him.

It's fantastic of course, but also that gives you a lot of pressure, because when the board has such confidence in you, then the pressure is much higher than when they say it's your last game or something like that. When your confidence is not so high, you can fight against it, but I always fight. I am always fighting. When you fight, you have a bigger motivation than when they support you.

Here's a video of that first bit. Not a rant, not by any means. But not a happy man.