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Pep Guardiola's coming to England. Manchester United are in England. COINCIDENCE?

Bayern Munich's manager has confirmed that he will be heading to the Premier League.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

In exciting news that probably has nothing to do with Manchester United but hey, Ander Herrera can dream, Pep "Pep" Guardiola has confirmed that he will be leaving Bayern Munich in the coming summer, and that he intends to take a job in the Premier League.

He told a press conference:

I need a new challenge and I want to use that chance to be a manager in England. I want to experience the atmosphere in England and I look forward to [working at] the stadiums there. I am 44 and it is the right time. There are offers but I haven't signed for anyone yet. When I have a new club I will let everyone know.

You tease, Pep! All those who claim to be in the know have him moving to Manchester, of course, but to the pale blue side of things. Presumably he's always dreamed of following in the footsteps of Malcolm Allison, John Bond and Stuart Pearce. Still, if there's one man who could hijack such a deal, it's Ed Woodward.

Oh, sorry. Wrote that wrong. It's not Ed Woodward.