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Phil Jones is still crocked, Jesse Lingard might return for Manchester United

Louis van Gaal has been counting the Manchester United wounded ahead of Saturday's FA Cup third round game against Sheffield United.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Have you heard of the red zone? It's a notional concept employed by football managers and trainers which means, roughly, "the level of fitness and tiredness in which it is dangerous for a footballer to attempt to football". Arsene Wenger's a big fan: you may recall him repeatedly lamenting that his players are in said zone, before picking them regardless and watching them fall apart.

Anyway, apparently several of Manchester United's players are in the red zone, and so we may see some changes ahead of this weekend's game against Sheffield United. Sayeth Louis van Gaal:

[Ashley Young He is not injured, he is overloaded and in the red zone. More players are in the red zone and we have to decide if they can play against Sheffield United or not.

Phil Jones is not in the danger zone, however; he is definitely injured. But Jesse Lingard isn't! Van Gaal also had some encouraging words to offer about United's three long-term absentees:

All three are going very well. Shaw and Valencia also had a holiday break and they have come back very brightly and they have the spirit to continue so that's very good. Rojo was here and shall also have a break at the end of January when it is possible for him. But it is going very well.

Have you considered Weston-super-Mare, Marcos? Excellent donkeys.