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Pavel Nedved regrets never playing for Manchester United

The former Juventus and Lazio star wishes he’d played for the Red Devils during his career

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of Man Utd Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Legendary Czech midfielder Pavel Nedved enjoyed a stellar playing career, turning out for Dukla Prague, Sparta Prague, Lazio and Juventus.

He also amassed 91 caps for the Czech Rebublic, won Serie A three times and was the Ballon d’Or recipient in 2003.

But, in an interview with Czexch newspaper Idnes, the now 44-year-old Nedved admitted he does harbour one regret from his playing days.

"A regret? That I never played for Manchester United. I'd have liked that. The transfer was never on the table though, there was only Chelsea [interested in me].

"I liked the generation of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, whom I admired. I was a little bit jealous of Karel Poborsky, who played in Manchester and experienced great matches. I know he still feels that love."

Nedved also admitted to being a big admirer of a current United player, too. Of all the great footballers he played alongside -- such as Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon and Alessandro Nesta — he rates Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the best.

"In terms of team-mates, I've had a lot and I don't want to offend anyone," he said. "If I had to pick one [as the best] though, I'd say Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He's a striker who can cut through defences. He has scary power and height, as well as excellent technique."

It would have been a joy to see Nedved line up in the United midfield at his peak. Apparently, had Sir Alex Ferguson called, the golden-haired maestro would have been very intersted moving to Manchester.