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Daley Blind: Liverpool are incredibly short and our big lads will tower over them

That's not a direct quote.

Manchester United v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

As Manchester United's trip to Liverpool inches closer, we've come across some pre-game hype-monstering from Daley Blind that we've decided to exaggerate massively for the sake of personal amusement. You can sue us if you like. (Please don't sue us.)

Talking to MUTV, United's likely starting left-back sounds appropriately excited:

These are the games you live for when you are young, growing up wanting to be a footballer. It will be a tough game; we will have to play well but so will they. Games like this are played with a lot of emotion but, just like every game, we go into this to win. What is important is the result and we will try to get that.

Quite right too. More interestingly, Blind identified one key advantage that United have over their opponents:

We have a lot of height in the box and we must use that. Top-level football games are close and they can be decided with small details; set-pieces are one of them and it is an opportunity for us to score a goal.

Some people might question United — having spent a large fortune — going to Anfield and going Full Pulis. Those people have obviously failed to appreciate just how funny that would be.