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Manchester United are back in the car park

Extremely important pre-match update.

British Parking Awards Car Park Of The Year Announced Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

When we look back on this season, what will be remember? Paul Pogba's hat trick in the Europa League final? Ander Herrera lifting the Premier League trophy above his head? No. It will be the fact that Manchester United on at least two occasions did some pre-game warm-ups in the nearest car park:

Plenty for sneaker fetishists to get their teeth into there. For the rest of us, time to start wondering what's going on. Is Jose Mourinho, canny old mind-game master that he is, sending out a subtle insult towards tonight's opponents. You, Liverpool, are basically just a jumped-up Northampton Town, and we're feeling just as relaxed. Or is he, perhaps, fatally addicted to bus-parking jokes, to the point that he's started to provoke them at every opportunity.

Or maybe he's just loosening up the muscles after a coach journey, the better to keep United limber. Who can say. Just a few hours to go, now.