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Manchester United's dressing room springs another leak

Welcome to Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho. Watch out for all the buckets on the floor.

Manchester United v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

A wise man once said there are three certain things in this world: death, taxes, and that Manchester United's dressing room will spring a leak shortly after any notable defeat.

Guess which we're going to talk about today?

With depressing predictability, we learn from the Times (paywalled) that "Manchester United's players have been stunned by José Mourinho’s hands-off and distant approach at Carrington". Apparently Mourinho "cuts a distant figure, sometimes leaving his assistant, Rui Faria, to conduct training sessions while he watches from a distance or works in his office."

Sometimes? Oh, the humanity. But wait! There's more!

The former Chelsea manager will, according to the source, come out and instruct his players at the start of the session before disappearing to his desk. On some occasions he does not return, leaving the session in Faria’s hands.

Pretty damning stuff, and according to the Times' source, some of United's players are "disappointed" that their manager is so hands-off. Far be it from us to suggest that since an awful lot of what goes on at Manchester United seems to end up in the newspapers, it's perfectly understandable that Mourinho might not be taking everybody into his deepest confidences just at the moment. We're sure that leaking the fact he isn't talking will definitely get him talking.

Incidentally, this source is, apparently, "close to a senior United player". Thanks to the turbulent nature of the last couple of seasons, that's a fairly short list ... which we're absolutely not going to speculate on here, obviously.