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Wayne Rooney admits he deserved to be dropped

Manchester United's captain has acknowledged his poor form.

AFC Bournemouth v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

It's international week, but that doesn't stop the Wayne Rooney Positional Debate Express, oh no. Nothing short of the heat death of the universe could do that, and even then, we wouldn't be too surprised if the last few scattered electrons winked out of existence crying "right, but he's a great example for the younger players ..."

Into the debate has stepped, rather excitingly, Wayne Rooney himself, whose been discharging his captainly duties all over the nation's press. That sounded weird. The Independent, bless them, have taken the unusual step of publishing his interview in flat Q&A form, and while it's all worth a look, here's the headline point:

Q: Jose Mourinho suggested that you came back a different player, different person, after the last international break. Do you know what he meant?

A: I have had criticism a lot of times. You’ll have to ask him that. Listen, I had a bad game at Watford. I played bad, I know that and I understand that. I think if he was picking the next team on the back of that, I understand not playing. The team have done well, certainly in the Leicester game since that. I understand I have to work hard and try and get back and try and get my chance and take it.

Here he is on the question of his best position:

Q: So where do you feel most comfortable? What do you think is your best position?

A: Again, it is difficult. I said at the end of last season I was enjoying playing in midfield. I feel I can bring a lot to the game from there, but obviously, under circumstances I know I could go on the training pitch now and be asked to play No.9, as a striker, or be asked to be 10 too. I’ll see what happens and if I become uncomfortable playing in a position where I’m asked to play, of course I’ll say.

And his new manager at United:

Q: Has Jose Mourinho asked you where you feel you are most comfortable?

A: Yeah, of course. We spoke at the start of the season and, as he said to you guys, he feels like my best position is further forward, so that's where I will play.”

Q: Isn’t there a contradiction between what you want and what he wants?

A: I'm not saying that I want to go and play there. I've said in the last couple of years that will happen. Whether it happens now or in a year or two's time, time will tell. Listen, I believe in the managers I work under and if that's where they want me to play, that's where I'll play.

Which seems to make sense, and presumably puts the whole question to bed for the rest of the season, right? Right? Please?