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Ander Herrera is loving life under Jose Mourinho

Manchester United's most improved player has been called up to the Spain squad, and is very happy with his club coach.

Manchester United v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It's been a pretty good season for Ander Herrera. In and out of the team under Louis van Gaal and initially behind Marouane Fellaini in this season's pecking order, a bright cameo against Manchester City elevated him to the first team where he's impressed ever since. So much so, in fact, that when Spain found themselves a man short this international week, it was the United man that they called up.

Obviously, with selection comes interviews, and the midfielder has been chatting to the Bilbao daily El Correo. The full interview is here (in Spanish, of course) but the highlight, from a United perspective, is his reflections on training with Mourinho. Asked what surprised him about his new coach, Ander Herrera responded:

I was surprised for the day to day. I'm enjoying it very much. I think it is, with Ernesto Valverde and Luis Milla, the coach with whom I am more agree on the way to work. I enjoy my profession and Mourinho has very dynamic training; Tactically we vary much with the technical and competitive; It does not allow lengthy exercises to lose focus. That makes you alert.

Players liking training even when results are a bit up and down is one of the most encouraging signs from a football club, so that's nice to hear. Thanks to our good friend and resident translator Mr G. Translate for helping us out. We were also charmed to note that Ander regularly watches football with Juan Mata, and that in comparison to Real Madrid and Barcelona players, life in England is "more isolated from the media noise". Blimey.