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Player ratings: Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal

The good and the indifferent from Saturday's draw.

Manchester United v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Some marks out of ten for Saturday's game.

David de Gea: 6

One shot on target, one goal conceded. Not a huge amount De Gea could have done, however, since it was a meaty header from fairly close in.

Antonio Valencia: 7

Energetic and aggressive throughout the first half, and should have been awarded a penalty. Nice to have him back.

Phil Jones: 5

In essence, United went into a game against one of the best attacking sides in the Premier League with their fourth and fifth choice central defenders. As such, only conceding the one goal probably counts as a minor miracle, and we can all give thanks that Arsenal played far, far within themselves. Jones didn't look good for the equaliser, mind, beaten far too easily in the air by Olivier Giroud.

Marcos Rojo: 6

Should have done better with an attacking header at 1-0. Had a fairly straightforward day at the back.

Matteo Darmian: 6

Harshly booked, then generously let off a second yellow, so that just about balances out. Mourinho seems to trust the Italian's defending over Luke Shaw's, and that one rash tackle aside, Darmian did okay.

Ander Herrera: 8

Probably United's man of the match and certainly the best all-round midfielder on the park. Looks like a staggeringly annoying opponent, which is always nice.

Michael Carrick: 7

United don't have anybody else that passes as well as Carrick, which is an indictment of several seasons of squadbuilding. But he's quietly establishing a decent, complementary midfield with Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba.

Paul Pogba: 7

Always available, and always trying something. A lot of the time it doesn't work, which can be frustrating, but that ambition and technique played a crucial part in the goal and in several of United's other chances.

Juan Mata: 8

Made a very difficult chance look very straightforward: Ander Herrera's pass across was travelling at a serious clip. Like Pogba, he tends to be involved whenever United construct anything worth getting excited about.

Marcus Rashford: 5

Worked hard and ran all afternoon, which perhaps explains why the fresh-off-the-bench Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was able to breeze past him for the equaliser. Which isn't to say that he shouldn't have done better. Up the other end, while it's nice to see United pressing from the front, he looks desperately in need of the rest.

Anthony Martial: 5

Stuck in a seriously bad trough of form, though it's encouraging to see that he isn't hiding from the ball. In desperate need of a goal. So desperate, in fact, that we're encouraging all tBB readers to have a look through their attics, under their stairs, in their garages and so on. If you have a spare goal that you're not using, why not send it on to Tony Martial, care of Old Trafford?

Wayne Rooney (on for Martial, 63'): —

Failed to play the piano again.

Daley Blind (on for Darmian, 64'): —

So does this mean that Shaw's now third choice at left back?

Morgan Schneiderlin (on for Mata, 85'): —

Mata does seem to come off fairly regularly, so this might have been a pre-planned move, but sitting back at 1-0 is not a good look when it goes wrong.

The Busby Babe would like to cordially remind you that taking marks out of ten too seriously can really ruin your day, and would like to apologise for the fact that your correspondent had a seriously lousy view for most of this game.