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Player ratings: Manchester United 4-0 Feyenoord

The good and the very good from United's Europa League romp.

Sergio Romero: 7

Had nothing to do for 89 minutes, but made a crucial double save while the game was still at 0-0. The first was routine, but the second, an improvised jab with his right knee while he was reversing at speed, was both excellent and very funny-looking.

Antonio Valencia: 6

More subdued than against Arsenal, perhaps because the fullback on the other side was spending more time forward, but solid enough.

Phil Jones: 6

It's perhaps a little early to start talk of a Jones renaissance, but he threw himself around with his usual slightly unhinged abandon here, and didn't do anything ridiculous or damage himself. Hooray!

Daley Blind: 6

Yeah, fine.

Luke Shaw: 7

Didn't have much defending to do, so did plenty of attacking instead. Could well be first-choice in games United might expect to dominate.

Michael Carrick: 7

Tidy and controlled, albeit up against some pretty limp opposition.

Paul Pogba: 8

Dominant, albeit etc. and so on. Seems to be getting better with each performance. Almost as if a really big price tag doesn't belay the need for a player to adjust to his new surroundings and colleagues.

Juan Mata: 8

He scores goals, he makes goals, and he stitches together United's creative endeavours. Has gone from being the first predicted casualty of the Mourinho regime to perhaps United's most important player, which is nice.

Wayne Rooney: 9

Rooney's best game since ... since a very long time indeed. Made his goal with an encouragingly energetic burst down the left, took it brilliantly, and then later turned creator for Juan Mata with a cute reverse pass. Clearly, being castigated in the tabloids suits him.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan: 9

Did everything bar score, though not for want of trying, and looks to be the quick, direct, thrilling force that United have been craving. Whether his absence from the team has been inexplicably stupid or perfectly judged is impossible to know — though we can definitely have a guess — but if this performance doesn't thrust him straight into the first team, then it'll be time for the flaming torches and the pitchforks.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 5

A weird night for the big Swede, who judged his return pass to Rooney perfectly for the opening goal, but spent the rest of the evening clanking around ineffectively and trying the occasional overhead kick. Should have scored.

Marcus Rashford (on for Mata, 70'): —

At some point we're going to get to see a front three of Rashford, Mkhitaryan and Anthony Martial. And that is going to be a good day.

Jesse Lingard (on for Mkhitaryan, 82'): —

Scored a quite delightful goal, which is just as well. If he'd pulled that celebration out after a tap-in, the press box might have exploded.

Memphis Depay (on for Rooney, 82'): —

We'll level with you here: we can't remember Memphis doing anything. But that means we can't remember him doing anything wrong, so we'll call it even.