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Player ratings: Fenerbahce 2-1 Manchester United

Well, that wasn't very good.

Fenerbahce SK v Manchester United FC - UEFA Europa League Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

David de Gea: 4

No chance with the first goal, but he got done with the eyes — and, admittedly, with wonderfully precise execution — for the second. Got out well to prevent Emmanuel Emenike adding a third.

Matteo Darmian: 5

The better of United's two fullbacks in terms of attacking intent, though his delivery remains woefully inconsistent. Perhaps a little rust can be expected, given he's only just returned to the first team.

Marcos Rojo / Daley Blind: 4

Hard to blame the central defenders too much when the opposition score two wonder goals and then the rest of the team has to take itself up the other end, leaving the defenders entirely exposed. But they didn't exactly look secure whenever Fenerbahce decided that a break might be on.

Luke Shaw: 4

Nothing much seems to be working for him, either at the back (where he looks insecure, albeit rarely assisted by whoever's in front of him) or going forward (where he looks half the player he threatened to become last season). Not a lost cause by any means, but needs to improve.

Morgan Schneiderlin: no idea, if we're being honest

45 entirely unremarkable minutes, and then taken off at half-time in favour of somebody that might help win the game. Not a good look.

Ander Herrera: 5

As ever, United's busiest midfielder, though he wasn't much more effective or incisive than his colleagues. Presumably, the constant rearrangement of the midfield around him isn't particularly helpful.

Paul Pogba: —

£89m! £89m! £89m and he's not immune to being kicked really hard in the leg! For that money, United should be expecting complete immunity to all physical ailments up to and including the loss of a limb.

Marcus Rashford: 4

Does he look knackered to you? He looks knackered to us.

Wayne Rooney: 3

Did two things. One was to score United's late consolation with a cracker of shot from outside the area; the other was to butcher United's best early chance to respond with a first touch that would have embarrassed a plant pot. On balance, the former failed to make up for the latter.

Anthony Martial: 5

Probably United's best attacking player, though he tired noticeably partway through the second half. Should have created a goal for Rooney, only for the senior man's touch to desert him. But the hint of a return to form for Martial amounts to the only silver lining from the evening, so we'll take it.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (on for Pogba, 30'): 3

Not strictly Ibrahimovic's fault, of course, but this was entirely the wrong substitution, achieving nothing beyond clogging up the centre and enabling Fenerbahce to keep things tight and compressed. Didn't play well regardless, wasting a free-kick and generally contributing little. Also, a fussier referee might have sent him off for grabbing Simon Kjaer's face, which would have been sub-optimal.

Juan Mata (on for Schneiderlin, 45'): 4

One of the oddities of this United squad is that it has plenty of players than can play in wide positions but, with the possible exception of Ashley Young, no actual wingers with the instinct to keep play wide. So when things aren't going well, and against opponents who have got themselves a lead and so are happy to sit deep and keep things tight, United's attack can end up a disjointed morass in the middle of the park, needing to pull off something terribly intricate to even get a sight of goal And while Mata's probably the best person to manage that, whether stationed centrally or nominally out wide, he didn't.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (on for Rashford, 61'): —

Didn't get long enough to make any proper impressions, but looked at least willing to run at defenders. And if he's ready, then he sort of has to start by default.

The Busby Babe cordially reminds you that taking player ratings too seriously can prove injurious to your health. The same is true of football clubs, thinking about it.