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Phil Jones is the greatest footballer in the world

And now, finally, we have the proof.

Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Everybody likes to see simple things done well. A sharp pass, a neatly-judged tackle, a shot placed precisely into the corner of the net; these are the basic components of football, and there is a pleasure in seeing them mastered.

But sometimes — and there is no shame in this — tBB finds itself craving a bigger fix. That's when we turn away from the competent in search of the harder stuff, when we look beyond Michael Carrick and Antonio Valencia. Beyond even Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That's when we turn to Phil Jones.

Let's break this down into basic principles. A pass, for a professional footballer, should be quite a straightforward thing.

A no-look pass, however, is more difficult. One of the basic rules of all sports is to keep your eyes on the ball, puck, shuttlecock, or horse, since otherwise there's a decent chance of misplacing a pass, waving your stick at thin air, hitting the net, or getting trampled by a horse.

And a headed no-look pass should be even more difficult. Partly because heads are funnier shapes than feet to begin with, and partly because the things that you use to look are right there, in your head, peeking out the front.

You could close your eyes and hope, perhaps. Or you could be Phil Jones. Always be Phil Jones.