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Manchester United again linked to £30 million Sadio Mane

Manchester United and Manchester City will compete for the transfer of Southampton's Sadio Mane.

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The Telegraph have twisted Louis van Gaal's words to make it seem like he's having a big old go at Bastian Schweinstieger. He isn't, quite clearly, but that's where we are now in terms of the news. United have missed Schweinsteiger's authority. While he hasn't been excellent, he did keep the side moving, keeping the ball pretty well.

It's between Manchester United and Manchester City for the signature of Southampton's Sadio Mane. £30 million will secure his signature, and he would probably fit the kind of player that both Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho could both use. Which, if he improves sufficiently, is a rare thing. That's in the Mirror.

The ESPNFC chaps have the confirmation that Nicky Butt will head up United's academy, after waiting 10 months to sort out the position. With the 15% cuts on top of their obvious lack of interest in the youth teams, Butt should be concerned about how easy his job will be.

In the Daily Mail, more empty words from Wayne Rooney. Is he United's worst captain for 25 years?

And in the Manchester Evening News, the board member who doesn't want Jose Mourinho is getting a stand named after him. What a coincidence!