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Manchester United continue pursuit of Benfica's Renato Sanches

Manchester United are continuing to monitor Benfica midifelder Renato Sanches ahead of a summer transfer.

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Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

In the Guardian, tomorrow's opponents Midtjylland are defending a £71 ticket to the game at their ground. There's no defence unless you're completely in love with the free market, and if you're in love with the free market, then there are more important things to argue with you about.

In a sign that there's not much news about today, here's something in the Telegraph in which Rio Ferdinand said he used to take the mickey out of Cristiano Ronaldo. Which might be an indication of why Ronaldo has been the best player in the world at times, and Ferdinand missed eight months of a season with a suspension for forgetting a drugs test.

On ESPNFC, there's a transfer rumour that Michael Carrick could move to Arsenal at the end of the season. A) He crumbles under pressure. B) He's often injured. C) He has impressive passing stats but not much else. Arsenal are going to love him.

The Mirror has a story that United will be overhauling the people behind their transfers after wasting a metric tonne of money, several times over. They've hired a new scout, and there could be a new director of football, at the very least.

And before we all go home, you can catch up with Manchester United's continued interest in Renato Sanches of Benfica. Woot woot!