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Ryan Giggs could quit Manchester United if offered caretaker role

According to reports, Ryan Giggs has no interest in becoming a perennial stop-gap at Manchester United.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

An interesting -- if not entirely surprising -- report comes courtesy of the Mirror's chief football writer John Cross today. He brings us the news that Ryan Giggs isn't interested in becoming Manchester United caretaker manager for the second time, and could walk if Louis van Gaal is sacked before the end of the season without him being named permanent replacement.

United are said to be growing "increasingly concerned" about the prospect of losing Giggs in the "looping Old Trafford shake-up," though quite frankly, giving him the job on a permanent basis would be so inexplicable that not even Ed Woodward would be so daft as to try it.

In truth, if Giggs really wants the job, then his walking away is probably the best step forward. He's right that a few games at the end of the season wouldn't be enough for him to earn the post full-time; though sitting in the assistant's chair looking miserable doesn't do anything for his chances, either. He needs to go away and prove his managerial acumen elsewhere. It's not to say he won't one day be good enough to manage United, but for know, we just don't know. And that makes hiring him an impossibly large gamble.