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Player ratings: Manchester United vs. FC Midtjylland

The bad and the worse of Manchester United's Danish debacle.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Last night, Manchester United contrived to mess up a one-goal lead away from against a team that hadn't played a competitive game of football for two months and had only won one of their previous ten before that. Here are some marks out of ten for that.

Sergio Romero: 6

For a player who was expecting to spend the evening sitting on the bench and maybe getting a little work done on the crossword, he did as well as could be expected. Made two genuinely excellent saves. And while it remains an open question as to whether the longer-armed David de Gea could have got to either goal, particularly the first, Romero didn't embarrass himself or the club. Which is more than can be said for ...

Literally everybody else, except perhaps Donald Love and Paddy McNair, because they're still basically children, although to be honest we're not in a particularly forgiving mood

Still, at least United picked up an away goal, hey?