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Louis van Gaal loses board support at Manchester United

There are now board members calling for the sacking of Louis van Gaal at Manchester United, and the players have given up on the useless clown too.

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Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Guardian come to a news story that Manchester United's players have lost faith in Louis van Gaal to turn things around. The story is correct, of course, but it is, you know, a week or more (more) late to the subject.

In the Daily Mail, there's a more exciting story, that there is open dissent at board level, supporting the idea that Ed Woodward should sack Louis van Gaal. There's a reluctance on Woodward's part to do this because it would bring some unwanted attention on his own perfomance - he just doesn't see that bringing in Jose Mourinho would actually improve his standing.

The Telegraph have a story about United's (at some level) continued support of Van Gaal, despite the 'mutinous fans'. It's beyond a joke now, the club are terrible, run and owned by dreadful incompetents. Does anyone have a cryo-chamber?

This story in the Manchester Evening News is worth paying attention to: United contacted Jose Mourinho earlier in the week about his plans, because even Woodward knows that he'll have to act at some point, and Mourinho is the best option for the club.

Even the Manchester United Supporters Trust, one of the most toothless organisations of all time, has started speaking out about the poor performance from United. That's on ESPNFC. We keep thinking a change has to come, and it hasn't yet. Don't get your hopes up.