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Manchester United plan to appoint Ryan Giggs as manager

Manchester United reportedly want to replace Louis van Gaal with Ryan Giggs, not Jose Mourinho.

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Ryan Giggs didn't learn how to pass the ball effectively until he was 32. He was almost sold to Bolton after a few years of underperformance, and when you hear him interviewed about the game he's clearly less perceptive than Gary Neville. He has probably been the source of at least some of the stories briefing against Louis van Gaal in the press, and he was obstructive to David Moyes. He didn't impress in the four games he had at the end of the season before last, and he wants Alex Ferguson - the man who welcomed the destructive Glazers to the club - to help him out should he take over before the season is out. And so, yes, Manchester United are considering giving him the job permanently in the summer. Honestly, this club deserves everything it gets. How pathetic. Read about the plan in the Mirror.

A rare piece of good news is that Bedy Moratti, sister of the Inter Milan president Massimo, said last night that Jose Mourinho is happy, because he's going to Manchester. Please let this be true, I can't watch any more utter rubbish. That's in the Mail.

On ESPNFC, David Moyes has said that Manchester United 'should not be a sacking club.' No, they shouldn't, but nor should they appoint absolute clowns like Moyes as manager, which tends to rather force their hand when it comes to sacking.

The Manchester Evening News has a bit of information on Dean Henderson, who has been recalled from loan to sit on the bench as goalkeeping cover against Shrewsbury on Monday.

Look at the absolute state of Joe Ledley's beard.

Lastly, in the Observer, the excellent Daniel Taylor has written a piece summing up the calamities at United, and why they should about Mourinho.