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Should Manchester United replace Louis van Gaal with Ryan Giggs or a hot dog?

Manchester United want to appoint Ryan Giggs as the next manager, but would he be better than a hot dog?

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Ryan Giggs briefed against the last two managers, was obstructive to at least one of them, and currently owns shares in a side that is potentially in a conflict of interest with Manchester United. He also has never given any hint of having a deep or insightful understanding of football, and was the worst of the five midfielders in the treble-winning 1999 Manchester United side.

Given Manchester United want to give the job to him, rather than the Champions League winner Jose Mourinho, the man who built the great Chelsea side of the last decade, won the league against Barcelona and won the Champions League with Inter Milan, it's worth considering just how stupid this idea is.

Therefore, we ask you to choose between a hot dog, which has never briefed against Manchester United, and has never refused to attend meetings with the manager, and has not been involved the awful three last years at Old Trafford, either part of the mess, or unable to improve it. Choose wisely.