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Lazio president claims Felipe Anderson will join Manchester United

Lazio's president has apparently confirmed the summer signing of Felipe Anderson by Manchester United.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

In the Guardian, there's a story that Jose Mourinho will not be made to wait throughout the summer by Manchester United. Realistically, he won't have to. It will be Ryan Giggs or Mourinho to be announced as soon as Champions League qualification becomes an impossibility.

ESPNFC have every United story in the world today, it seems. They are:

Giggs's future at United isn't guaranteed, which sounds like he is positioning himself for the exit. Good, he's been part of two useless management tenures and needs to go and learn how to do it somewhere else before he earns a chance at Old Trafford.

Felipe Anderson is apparently joining Manchester United in the summer, which would fit with reports that he will join from Lazio regardless of who is a manager.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is another summer target. But, as they say, can he match the magic of Wayne Rooney? Yes, is the answer.

And lastly, brain-free Michael Carrick is considering leaving United in the summer. It's about time, he's too old and too injured to make a difference often enough. Far better that Bastian Schweinsteiger takes over this role.

The Mirror have a story that Mourinho thinks he has an agreement with United, which would make sense of Giggs' story via Andy Mitten on ESPNFC.