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Manchester United chase Benfica midfielder Rafa Silva

Manchester United want Benfica's Portuguese midfielder Rafa Silva.

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Probably not the right Rafael Silva tbh
Probably not the right Rafael Silva tbh
Ken Ishii/Getty Images

David de Gea might not be fit for Thursday's game. It shouldn't be a problem, as the team should be good enough to beat most sides in the world, especially those in the Europa League. The problem is not the players, but the manager. You can read about De Gea's injury here, in the Telegraph.

Louis van Gaal is unlikely to be gone, whatever happens, until the end of the season. Ryan Giggs doesn't want to be a caretaker manager, and Jose Mourinho wants a fresh start in the summer, not to pick up the pieces now. That story in the Mirror.

The Daily Mail quotes Memphis as saying he knows he's underperformed this season, and that he hasn't proven good value for money. The thing about Memphis, and the criticism he gets, is that he is never photographed boozed up, and in interviews he always talks of a willingness to work hard. As rubbish as he has been, it seems that a lot of the criticism is based on the fact that he's black and young, and people tend to resent that, because they're racist.

On ESPNFC, there's an article about whether Manchester United's academy is up to scratch. No, it isn't.

And lastly, in the Manchester Evening News, here's a rumour that United are interested in Benfica midfielder Rafa Silva. I've never heard of him, so feel free to educate me in the comments.