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Manchester United target Gareth Bale again.

Manchester United will try to buy Gareth Bale from Real Madrid this summer.

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Good(ish) news for Manchester United: Marcos Rojo and Antonio Valencia have returned to training after some long term injuries. They won't be fit for tonight, but you can expect to see them in the next few weeks. Maybe. Possibly. Not entirely sure, as it goes. You can read about this in the Manchester Evening News.

In the Telegraph, Jose Mourinho is quoted as saying that he'd rather start work, wherever that is, in the summer. You have to wonder why United haven't sacked Van Gaal yet. Perhaps it's cheaper to do so when the Champions League becomes impossible to qualify for - but whether that's been covered by the Europa League too, it isn't obvious.

According to a transfer round-up in the Mirror, United are apparently still keen on Gareth Bale of Real Madrid. That's a delightful bit of news. I, for one, cannot wait for more Bale rumours this summer.

BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER WENT SHOPPING. HOW DARE HE. IT IS A DISGRACE. Oh wait, it's not Memphis who dared go shopping, so this is OK. The Daily Mail wibbles about a few photos here.

In something closer to news about Schweinsteiger, he has said that there are no grave doubts about his fitness, and that's on ESPNFC. Right, is everyone excited about going out of the Europa League tonight?