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Manchester United to battle with City for Southampton's Sadio Mane

Both Manchester United and City could make a move for Southampton's forward Sadio Mane in the summer.

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The Telegraph have a transcript of Louis van Gaal losing his temper with journalist with Rob Harris. We'll stick it up later, maybe, but really this how boring things are these days at United. A row with a journalist! Fergie used to have seven or eight of these every 0.000003 seconds.

Some wet wipe in the comments section got upset that I dared to link to something I'd written elsewhere, so as a result I consider myself forced to link to everything I write now. Here is what I wrote about the draw against Chelsea yesterday, on Yahoo.

In the Mirror, there are quotes from Ruud van Nistelrooy having a pop at Arsenal legend Martin Keown, for being a bit substandard. If you've seen any of Keown speaking, or doing anything lately, you'd have to agree. He's a walrus in a suit.

The Daily Mail have published the United bonus structure, for winning the league, Champions League, FA Cup and other things. So merely a theoretical list of possible bonuses, rather than anything the Glazers will have to worry about paying out.

On ESPNFC, there's a suggestion that Manchester City and United are going to fight it out for Sadio Mane. Pep Guardiola would probably have a use for him at City, but you'd imagine he'd be aiming a little higher when it comes to the transfer market.  Nevertheless, Guardiola is reportedly a fan.

And lastly, in the Manchester Evening News, Jose Mourinho has received some kind, if predictably positive, praise from Ander Herrera, who obviously knows how to play politics.