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Rumours: Ed Woodward's future in danger

Manchester United's clown-in-chief Ed Woodward could come under pressure as United's stock price and performance drops.

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Michael Regan/Getty Images

Ed Woodward has managed to get United's share price to its lowest since December 2012. Now, we're in a bear market, and other shares have fallen, but he has outperformed the market in how far its fallen. Well done, Edward!

In the Mirror, they think that United are close to a deal with Renato Sanches of Benfica. United need to replace Marouane Fellaini, and possibly Michael Carrick, and maybe even Ander Herrera if he doesn't convince the next manager.

Phil Jones played in the reserves last night, in a 7-0 win for the Under-21 side. Memphis and Will Keane both played well, too. You can read about that in the Daily Mail.

Tony Evans on ESPNFC has accurately described the nonsense situation at United, and just how bad things have got. It's worth reading.

The Manchester Evening News carries a story that Neymar could be sold by Barcelona as a way to cut costs. United have been linked with spending stupid money to buy him. Surely he'd rather join a good club with Champions League football, though.

And lastly, as it annoys the wet wipes in the comments, I'm continuing my trend of linking to everything I write, with my latest for Yahoo describing Ed Woodward's dodgy future.