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Manchester United to battle Liverpool for Mario Gotze signature

Manchester United and Liverpool are both targeting the transfer of Bayern Munich forward Mario Gotze this summer.

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Bastian Schweinsteiger is back in training. Almost certainly he won't play against Liverpool, but they have missed his calmness. With a proper manager, he still has something to offer a side at the top of the table. You can read about this in the Mirror.

In the Guardian, Jurgen Klopp is quoted as saying that Manchester United vs Liverpool is 'the mother of all games.' I don't know, it feels more like a mother****** when things go against you. We'll have a live thread for tonight, a preview of the probable line up, and team news today.

The Telegraph has gone ludicrously over the top, letting Alan Smith give his words of boring, obvious and unnecessary advice for Marcus Rashford. It really is a terrible paper for football, and for most other things, these days.

God, Adam Lallana is boring.

On ESPNFC, there's a story that Manchester United will take on Liverpool to sign Mario Gotze in the summer. If he has any sense he'll go elsewhere. And if it's a choice between Klopp and Louis van Gaal, he should definitely choose Klopp.

In the Manchester Evening News, there's Van Gaal's comments on injuries before the match. He doesn't promise to resign, unfortunately.