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Manchester United are complete rubbish and will be for the foreseeable

Manchester United are awful and there's no sign of improvement.

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Paul Scholes described Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal as a 'shambles' on television last night, after United's pitiful defeat to Liverpool. He didn't call for Van Gaal to be sacked, though, because if he did that then his best friend Ryan Giggs might not get the job this time. The Class of 92 will only call for Van Gaal's head once they believe Giggs will get the job, not Jose Mourinho or anything else. What a legend! You can read the quotes in the Telegraph.

Some positive news, though - Marouane Fellaini may be banned for throwing hands at Emre Can towards the end of the game last night. You can see the video stills here, in the Mail. It's fair to say that most United fans believe he deserves a ban of approximately 2,000 games.

Read Van Gaal's post-defeat, pathetic words here, on ESPNFC.

In the Mirror is the depressing news that United fans are still falling back on Hillsborough chants.

The Manchester Evening News has a list of all the teams we won't be playing in the Europa League in the next round.