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We speak to a West Ham fan before the FA Cup match against Manchester United

We spoke to West Ham fan @markeetee about the game today, and he is much less depressed than we are.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

What do you make of the move to the new stadium, is it a mixture of cynicism and excitement?

I'll miss the old place. Part of the reasons the move appeals (good transport links, excellent facilities, attractive to higher calibre players) are also the reasons it seems a bit naff. Soaking up the atmosphere on Green Street before the game is part of the occasion, as is queuing for hours at Upton Park underground after.

However the unstoppable wave of capitalism destroys all who can't surf it, and for the future of the club it's a no brainer. Whilst there has been limited transparency over the bidding process, I don't think it's been the silver platter stitch up that fans from other clubs think it has. The LLDC want to safeguard the stadium, and no other option provided this - all others wanted to tear it down and start again. It's an easy target for one-eyed fans to have a pop, although I'd have been the same one eyed fan having a pop if Spurs had got it.

How has Slaven Bilic improved the side from Sam Allardyce, and do you think it's sustainable?

Undoubtedly, married with (completely out of character) excellent recruitment in the summer. Payet & Lanzini are far too good for us, and we have great strength in depth which has enabled us to absorb about half our first team being injured at any one time. Although it's been a bizarre season for pretty much every Premier League team, we've had too many good results against good opposition for me to write Slaven off as lucky.

At the start of the season the defeats to Leicester & Bournemouth worried me about his ability, although he has shown since tactically he is adaptable. His substitutions are largely excellent.

He needs to sort out our shit starts though, we have had to come back from one or two goal deficits far too many times. Sometimes these have been glorious (Everton away), sometimes atrocious (Bournemouth home, Newcastle away).

As for sustainable, who knows. I'm just enjoying what is looking like our best season for 30 years.

Michail Antonio was linked to United recently - has his improvement been dramatic or gradual over the season?

My brother in law is Reading season ticket supporter and he said losing Antonio was his biggest regret, when I asked about him when he signed. Considering he didn't play a minute until December his form since being in the team has been incredible. He's not technically the greatest player but his athleticism and work rate is impeccable. He can also fill in reasonably well at full back. He's basically an English Antonio Valencia (when he was good)(and also he'll actually try and knock the ball past the player, not do that annoying cutback thing that Valencia does).

Do you think you'll finish above United this season?

Heart says yes, Head says no. Could come down to the result between us at Upton Park. Although our current form is fantastic, if we carry it on and you continue your relatively poor form it should happen. Being West Ham though we could easily go and not win another game for the rest of the season!

Would you please buy Wayne Rooney from us?

We've already got an overpaid English striker on our books. At the moment the rumour de jour is a summer move for Zlatan or Michy Batshuayi - sadly, I think both would prefer a move elsewhere, even if we preposterously achieved Champions League football.

What is your prediction for the scoreline?

0-0 or 1-1. Then back for one last FA Cup evening under the lights at the Boleyn.

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