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Manchester United target Marc-Andre Ter Stegen as David de Gea replacement

Manchester United want to sign Barcelona's Marc-Andre Ter Stegen should David de Gea join Real Madrid in the summer.

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David Ramos/Getty Images

Manchester United have received a boost in their pursuit of Champions League football, but in a sign of how the club is run, it's not anything that they did that helped. Last night, Vincent Kompany suffered another muscle injury, and could be out for a month, perhaps missing all of the run-in. You can read about that in the Guardian.

Paul Scholes, the quiet man of football, has opened his gob again. He says that United should sign Raphael Varane, Luka Modric and Paul Pogba. Well, yes, they should, but a lot of things should happen which never will. That's in the Daily Mail.

This will surely be an effective measure to take, with the police telling the fans of Manchester United and Liverpool to behave ahead of their game on Thursday night. Obviously, there is a spirit of co-operation between the police and football fans which simply cannot be ignored on matters like this. ESPNFC have that story.

In the Telegraph: Jack Butland, rumoured replacement for David de Gea, is apparently close to signing a five-year contract at Stoke City.

Another possible replacement is Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who has refused to rule out a departure from Barcelona after another season of rotation, and with another one apparently planned for him and Claudio Bravo. The Mirror have a story linking him to United.

And in the Manchester Evening News, new signing Matthew Olosunde is apparently 'like Dani Alves'. Hmmmmm.