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Links: Jaap Stam wants to manage Manchester United

Manchester United's former central defender Jaap Stam wants to return to the club as manager.

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There's an interview with Ryan Giggs in the Telegraph, where he is very diplomatic, and doesn't make a play for Louis van Gaal's job in public, obviously. You should, though, consider what the source might be for any of Wallace's future Manchester United stories, though.

In the Daily Mail, there's an interview with Jaap Stam, who says he'd be keen to return to United as a manager in future. I think I speak for absolutely everyone when I say that we should appoint him this instant, because it could not be any worse than it is now.

Marcus Rashford was considered for the full England squad by Roy Hodgson, a man who would go in for the flavour of the month every so often. Nicky Butt wasn't especially keen on that, but on ESPNFC is confirmation that Rashford will feature for the Under-20 side.

Anyway, this is an especially short entry for a round-up this morning, and you can blame that for the appalling WiFi I have access to at the moment.