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Manchester United endure calamitous day against Liverpool

Manchester United endure calamitous day against Liverpool on the day of their elimination from the Europa League.

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

At Old Trafford last night, the Manchester United security apparently interfered with the Liverpool fans' celebrations. Which seems incredibly joyless of them. Yes, it might be entirely correct to despise Liverpool, but this seems exceptionally mean spirited. You can read about this in the Telegraph.

In the Mirror, there's something more enjoyable: Liverpool and United fans battering each other. It brings a tear to the eye, and some heavy bruising.

On ESPNFC, the boundaries of acceptability were overstepped by some unimaginative fans holding up a sign welcoming visitors from Liverpool with a 'MURDERERS' banner over part of a motorway.

And indictment of Louis van Gaal's plans is on Manchester Evening News. It was a terrible performance by Van Gaal, who subbed two full-backs as United chased the game. It's either sabotage or a mental block, now.

You can read our match report from last night here, and we'll have player ratings up later, as well as previews on the Manchester City game this weekend.