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Manchester United in talks over European Super League

Manchester United are considering taking part in and forming a European Super League.

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Manchester United, along with the other biggest clubs in the Premier League, are apparently entertaining the idea of a Super League competition. If that happens, we'll all have to go and do something else for fun, because football at the top end will be an utterly irredeemable mess. You can read about that in the Telegraph.

Michael Carrick is still waiting for the offer of a new contract from Manchester United, according to the Daily Mail. It's no surprise. Almost certainly there will be a new manager in the summer, and even if there isn't, it makes sense to see what else is available in the market. For all his poor form in the past (and good form, admittedly), this is the first time when age seems at the root of Carrick's problems.

In the Mirror, there's a story that Ezequiel Lavezzi turned down United for a move to China. Fair enough, I'd turn down a move to the Boston Globe if someone else offered me much, much more money to do so.

Promising news for the match tonight: Anthony Martial may be fit for Manchester United's game against Watford. You can read about the team news in ESPNFC here.

And in the Manchester Evening News, here's some praise for Juan Mata, who has started playing well against some awful opposition. Fingers crossed it continues, but there is no point getting carried away.