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Jose Mourinho signs contract with Manchester United

Jose Mourinho has signed a contract with Manchester United to become manager of the club this summer.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

According to the usually reliable Diego Torres, who wrote the excellent "The Secret World of Jose Mourinho" about his time at Real Madrid - including the famous story of him being distraught when Alex Ferguson stitched him up over succeeding him - Jose Mourinho has signed a contract to be the next Manchester United manager.

However, because this is United, nothing is straightforward and there is plenty of room for problems. Because of Ferguson's meddling and the useless Ed Woodward, with Bobby Charlton glaring from the sidelines, the contract stipulates that if he's not in his post by May, he gets £5 million, and another £10 million if not appointed by June, it says in El Pais. Basically, there's plenty of room for disaster and farce yet.

Ryan Giggs is the other possible candidate, with few other serious contenders for the job. For yet another time, United fans should hope that Ferguson's self-interest is not able to damage the club.